Remodeling in Pasadena: Your Dream Home Is Only One Ring Away!

Rebuilding your home in Pasadena is in fact the best way to bring to life your dream home. With well thought of preparation and the perfect home remodeling designers and builders you can create not just a convenient home but a haven full of beauty and life. Browse through our gallery for ingenious concepts for home remodeling projects that would suit your taste and budget. Learn how your patio or driveway can look really great. Discover ways to remake your kitchen or bathroom. Witness the beauty of tile and granite, stucco, stamped cement or even concrete. Experience the comfort of carpet all around your home. Know for yourself how magnificent your windows and fences come out after Golan Remodeling works on them.

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We, at Golan Remodeling, are ecstatic to be of service to you to enhance the beauty of your home in Pasadena.

You Dream It, We Build It!

Should you desire a more luxurious bathroom or a functional kitchen or perhaps a full-scale home refurbishment, Golan Remodeling is here for you. Golan approaches each project, no matter how simple or complicated, with excellence, dedication, and care. The company provides an all-in-one remodeling solution and superior craftsmanship in all aspects of home improvement to ensure the satisfaction and fulfillment of homeowners.


About Us

We are a first class family owned and operated home remodeling company. We have been in the industry for over a decade and a half. Our five years of dedicated Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling background as sub-contractors to the finest of the construction industry haven't gone unnoticed. Through all these years, we've mastered the art of remodeling and expanded our services.



We are here to help you identify creative and innovative solutions that expresses the concept that you,The client is attempting to depict in your own home. With the responsibility resting in our own competent hands, for a full-scale home remodeling project that's right for your budget, we guarantee you that we will exceed your expectations!

Our Main Goal Is To Make Your Life Comfortable.

The Best Sort Of Living Just For You. All that you require your home to have - a superb yet utilitarian kitchen, a charming toilet, a surprising yard, a delightful guest house, - we can do it for you.